Saturday, June 20, 2020

Solar-Fit Radio Show: Gallagher and Hall Talk Home is Castle and Solar Fitness

Elmer Hall on Solar-Fit Radio
Solar-Fit Renewable Energy Radio Show. June 20, 2020, Live at 10am ET.
Bill Gallagher, President/CEO of Solar-Fit (and world renown talk-show host) is interviewing Dr Elmer Hall (Strategic Business Planning Company). We're talking about Perpetual Innovation(tm), Hall and Hinkelman's book series on intellectual property (Patents) Commercialization. Then talking about about the COVID abnormal (and new-abnormal). And lastly move on to talk about renewable energy as people spend more time in their Castle (living, working, safe-distancing). What does this movement to update and improve the castle mean for Solar???...

Listen to the archive of this show on Flagler Broadcasting: Dr Elmer Hall on Solar-Fit Rewanable Energy Show June 20 2020.

Note that SustainZine has pages devoted to the Financial Analysis of Solar System Purchases (both Residential and Commercial). Residential is a good investment; Commercial can be crazy profitable!

Here is a long SustainZine article from a May 2018 radio show related to Energy Efficiency and Telework.

(Remember that the Renewable Investment Tax Credit was 30%, then dropped down to 26% in 2020 and will continue with a very rapid phase out over the next couple years.)

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Here is the Solar-Fit radio show station:Solar-Fit Renewable Energy Radio Show
(We'll let you know as soon as this show is archived for your redo, review, renew!)


  1. Updated to include the direct link to the actual radio show archive.

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