Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Sustainable Walmart...

Check out the Corporate Responsibility Report by Walmart for 2012.

This is very impressive. It not only includes such things as Energy and Carbon Footprint from all of Walmart's stores, it also addresses the impact of the products and foods from suppliers and how sustainable they are.

Walmart's goals of renewable energy are pretty impressive, but they step up and state the long-term obvious: the long-term goal is 100% renewable energy.

They are moving toward more local suppliers (for foods) which also means they will have a lot more suppliers. They are moving toward all suppliers reporting on their carbon footprint (and water footprint).

One of the things I really like it that they focus on 10 areas that they think are the most important. Some should help the bottom-line directly, others only long-term or indirectly. Still, they seem to be an impressive, yet target-able  set of objectives. This fits very well into the Triple Bottom-Line of Sustainability.

Note the need for reporting all along the value chain.

Note the need for education & training all along the value chain.

[With all that Walmart does well/right, there are still some who complain and criticize. More on this view in another post.]

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