Sunday, May 5, 2024

Are Missing Love Bugs a Warning Sign?

Missing Love Bugs in Florida. E. Hall (2024, May)
with (very) little help from DALL-E (OpenAI).

As we go into Love Bug season in May,
seeing no lovebugs may leave us all
with mixed emotions:
happiness and dismay! 

[There have been some lovebug sightings, but not many... Let's see how the season goes.]

This is one of our GenAI assisted articles using an approach we call Regenerative Dynamic AI. (You can redo with your favorite GenAI at any time and link through to dynamically updated sources like Wikipedia: Lovebugs.) MS Copilot (2024, April) was used in this article because we wanted to more current Internet information.

You: What happened to the lovebugs in Florida?