Saturday, June 25, 2011

Get your Green Oil for free (G-Oil).

There's a really cool oil and cleaning product company that produces bio-oils and cleaning products from plant and animal byproducts. Animal fats seem to be a big part of the oil. It has a patent pending technology using nanotechnology that they describe as: "superior performing ULTIMATE BIODEGRADABLE* motor oil made with American grown base oils and the power of nanotechnology to reduce wear, lower friction and provide more horsepower while being safe for the environment."

Seems to be fully compliant with vehicle guidelines for oil, so you won't void vehicle warranty or have other issues.

You can get a refund coupon for the the oil required for an oil change at: 
Sold at Wal-Mart so it should be possible to have them use G-Oil if you don't want to change your own oil.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Japan Nuclear meltdown is far worse... Maybe worst industrial accident ever!

The Japanese reactors are far worse than they are telling us. It might take 100 years to clean it up, if/when they get the reactors under control.
CNN news on this issue: (~5min)

Decontamination processing is ongoing:

In the meanwhile nuclear waste going to Yucca Mountain is not an option. So we continue to have no energy policy related to US nuclear power (and the nuclear waste).

"For nearly thirty years, NRC waste-storage requirements have remained contingent on the opening of a permanent waste repository that has yet to materialize. Now that the Obama administration has canceled plans to build a permanent deep-disposal site at Yucca Mountain in Nevada, spent fuel at the nation’s 104 reactors will continue to accumulate and is likely remain onsite for decades to come...
With a price tag of as much as $7 billion, the cost of fixing America’s nuclear vulnerabilities may sound high, especially given the heated budget debate occurring in Washington. But the price of doing too little is incalculable." by Robert Alvarez in The Nation, June 20, 2011.

Friday, June 10, 2011

YouTube - Solar Flare Erupts, Creating Spectacular Images - CBS WJZ Baltimore

YouTube - Solar Flare Erupts, Creating Spectacular Images - CBS WJZ Baltimore

WOW, and we complain about hurricanes and such on earth.

This solar flare is bigger than 5 earths. Wow...

And a good thing we're not in the way of it, it would appear.

Friday, June 3, 2011

The ugly truth about our trade deficit with China.:-(

The China Question premiers on CNBC on Friday night, June 3rd at 8pm.

This looks like it is going to be the story that I've been looking for years. The symbiotic relationship that we have with trade-deficit to China. 

They subsidize our spending habits (US & EU) with their artificially cheap currency. Then with the $ dollars and Euros from their trade surpluses,  they buy stuff. They buy our Treasuries to keep our Federal Debt a float. They have a high savings rate, where we have a fractional private savings rate (deficit for government, of course). They keep their currency artificially low so they can continue to export. Literally they are paying us to buy their products of toys and such. But that relationship cannot, and will not, last forever. The relationship is NOT sustainable.
Both a trade deficit and a federal deficit are automatically “fixed” over time by the devaluation of the currency.

Let’s see what the show has to offer.