Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Earth economist: The food bubble is about to burst

The water bubble may be coming faster that we originally thought... showing up in food shortages/prices and elsewhere:

Our own Ogallala Aquifer in the high plans of the US (Texas thru Wyoming) will be depleted in about 25 years:

The truth of the mater is... that water maters!

Top 10 Green IT Strategies!: What are the top 10 Green IT Strategies?

Top 10 Green IT Strategies!: What are the top 10 Green IT Strategies?: "Top Ten Green IT Solutions: Virtualization Data Center Optimization Power Management Data De-Duplication Electronic Waste..."

Monday, March 21, 2011

Corporate Sustainability Footprinting

Good discussion. Lots of problems with Social Responsibility Reporting. From the tripple-bottom-line point of view, you would mainly report the externalities of environment and social with the idea that profits would get represented by financial reporting... How do you balance the economic impact with the other impacts?
This reminds me of taxes; the best way to pay no taxes is to make no money.

in reference to:

"Corporate Sustainability Footprinting"
- Stepping toward Corporate Sustainability Footprinting · Environmental Management & Energy News · Environmental Leader (view on Google Sidewiki)