Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pres Obama steps out to wave down the run-a-way climate train!

It was a little bit of a surprise that Obama stepped up as forcefully about taking on climate change as he did.

Check out this post by Peterman at Huffington:

Many environmentalists are going to complain that this is not enough, but it really is better to start late than even much much later.

As Peterman shows, it looks like we are aiming for 6+ degrees C, not the 2+C that many people were hoping to achieve. At that rate, sea-level rise would be measured in yards, not feet.

Not much on details. Federal government can take some action for government buildings and transportation,

Reduce energy consumption by 50% in 20 years should be, surprisingly, far easier than most people think. 25-30% could be achieved in buildings within a couple years, with a payback of months... And a gigantic Return on investment.

Easier said then done, though.

But to continue doing "business as usual" would be, well, irresponsible.

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