Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Clean Coal Might Really Be a Possibility!!! WOW!

Energy | Homeland Security News Wire:

Clean Coal Might Really Be a Possibility!!! WOW!

It may take me years to take back all the trash talk I have had about Coal.

Dirty, Dirtier, Dirtiest Coal... But no such think as Clean.

Dr. Fan at Ohio State has pioneered the technology called Coal-Direct Chemical Looping (CDCL). This lab project has contained 99% of the carbon dioxide from coal. 

Well maybe. This will bear some watching as it moves forward out of the labs and into the power plant.

Coal, of course, is still not a renewable resource (unless you count charcoal -- good for my Kamado grill, but not so much so for mainstream energy production!-)

Wow, if we could find a cure for coal, that would put us 30-40 years ahead. Of course, it would have to be cheap, or we (China, US and India) wouldn't use it. And then we'd be back in the same dirty boat, right up to our coal ash.:-(

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