Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ethanol Producer Mag -- Strategies for Collaboration in Innovation

Ethanol Producer Magazine | EthanolProducer.com:

Strategies for Collaboration in Innovation

This is a short, but concise article on collaboration and strategic partnerships in the agrofarm business.

In forming agreements of sole supplier, independent contractor & R&D agreements, it is clear that clairvoyance would be best to make these decisions!:-) 

Unfortunately, in farming, as in many things in life, you make your bets in advance when you make your agreements and when you sow the seeds. And then you wait to see if it was the right bet given the weather appears on the horizon. 

You might hedge your bets with revenue insurance and such, but your bets are pretty well planted in the ground with the seeds.

In this article, it's not so much the farm as the bins to store grains in, but the concepts and strategies still apply.

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