Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bill Gates Helps Reinvent the Toilet - Earth911.com - Poo Power

Bill Gates Helps Reinvent the Toilet - Earth911.com:

I know what you're thinking, when you contemplate the power of poo. You're thinking about Winnie the Pooh. Right.  "You can't stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes." Winnie famously said... Talking about going out and making a difference.

Apparently the same can be said for poo. We need to take new and better toilets to the masses of people, 2.5B or so, that do not have clean sanitation. And you use that same poop and pee-power toilet to generate  poop and pee-power. Something you would want to call Poop-Pee Power, I'm sure.

Processing it and storing the "fuel" (methane?) can then be used for power. Fuel cell for on demand, when needed,no moving parts, power seems logical. A requirement is that the final outputs must be power and hydrogen. Bill Gates says in the press release related to the challenge/competition:

“Imagine what’s possible if we continue to collaborate, stimulate new investment in this sector, and apply our ingenuity in the years ahead, . . . Many of these innovations will not only revolutionize sanitation in the developing world, but also help transform our dependence on traditional flush toilets in wealthy nations.”

Innovation such as this will bring sanitation, health and power to poor and unclean masses.

No crappy jokes here. (Well, maybe a few.)

This is a great idea, that's a HEAD of its time -- or maybe a little BEHIND the times.

We all really should have done something like this a LONG time ago.
And that's the stinking true of it.

“Innovative solutions change people’s lives for the better,” said foundation Co-chair Bill Gates. “If we apply creative thinking to everyday challenges, such as dealing with human waste, we can fix some of the world’s toughest problems.”

By the world's toughest problems, do you think that Bill thinks we can apply some of such solutions to politics? It seems that PolitiPoo should be especially high-octane and extremely combustible. !:-)

The trick seems to be keeping it out of the fan long enough to harness PolitiPoo power.

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