Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wikipedia founder to fight fake news with new WikiTribune site

Wikipedia founder to fight fake news with new Wikitribune site | Technology | The Guardian:
Way to go Jimmy! You will now Jimmy Wales a founder of Wikipedia, that GREAT crowd sourcing information repository in the sky.
It is unclear when WikiTribune will actually launch. More than 10,000 subscribers agreed, in advance, to pay a monthly fee for this quality news. You can still join up at and encourage the effort.
It seems that using crowds, we can attack bogus news and untruths!  Jimmy thinks so, and a lot of other people do too.
The news is broken in soooo many ways, and the WikiTRIBUNE approach may be the single best way to fix the news. Or at least partially fix it.
Fact-based journalism with a Wikipedia twist, the site that brings you the world's largest 'pedia.
Or we can continue to perpetuate the junk news, fake news, and big-advertiser skewed news.
It is a free subscription, actually, but if you pay a little for the monthly subscription, it will be a sustainable source of real, and unbiased news.
And, you too, can become an author. And you too can become an editor.
I assume this will work much like the articles in Wikipedia that have tighter controls. Where bias is noted and flagged, and comments that are unsupported have prominent warnings like[citation needed].
I've long thought that we should be able to utilize technology to clobber the bad, bogus and fake news, while promoting high-quality, fact-based news. Wikipedia has been great, but it works best for historical facts, science and current popular facts/figures. Projections and commentary, not so much so. 
In the world of the information cocoon, and all people can create their own content, news has only gotten worse and worse.
Maybe, just maybe, WikiTribune is a way to overshoot the bots and the media silos and the paid information propaganda.  This could bring us back to discussing the full range of facts at one time, not just the left or the right half.
Maybe. Gotta hope. 
The Skimm. Here's another place to find actual, real live news summaries, with a twist. This is daily snippets, or the Daily SKIMM of the news, visit This is short, sweet and fun presentation of the news. Couple ways to read the Daily Skimm, but I get it in my email every day. It is actually targeted toward young(er) urban women, say 22 to 34. Short, sweet, and very unbiased. For politics it says something like: well the DEMs say this, and the GOP want this, but here is what will probably happen. This is great because you don't have to read where the left lies, and the right lies, and then guess what's a pretty accurate truthful spot in the middle.
Pretty funny reading stuff that the youth will pick up on, but the older crowd will probably miss.
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