Friday, October 23, 2015

More than three in four Americans believe in global warming -

More than three in four Americans believe in global warming -

Finally. Even republicans have shifted to a majority accepting climate change. This is not a party thing; this is a human thing.

Once people start to realize that the earth is warming. And that people are generally responsible.

There tends to be a some obvious actions that we all must do, soon or later.

Sustainability is a law of nature that it is hard to break. Ignore it at your own risk, and everyone else's risk at well.

We promote doing smarter things now to bend the curve on the human impact on the earth. It is a compounding (geometric or exponential) kind of thing. Small(er) changes now make a BIG difference over time. Business as usual (BAS) simply compounds the issues and the problems.

Currently, this is a year of El Nino, so the record temperatures for 2015 are on path to exceed last year's record "by a mile".

Related to global warming and El Nino, check out Hurricane Patricia, the strongest hurricane ever recorded. Ouch!..

So lest start a call to action doing those actions that will save consumers, businesses, governments money while simultaneously making us all more sustainable.

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