Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cree Likes its LEDs... Helps colleges and others save lots of money & energy.

San Diego Community College District – San Diego, CA

San Diego Community College District is the recipient of the APPA’s 2015 Sustainability Award recognizing and advancing sustainability excellence in educational facilities. An CREE want a little school credit. The upgrades used Cree® LED lighting upgrade with SmartCast® Technology.

Looks good.

In the meanwhile, Ikea stores are moving to only selling LED lights by 2016. Read here about Idea's LED ideas.  They argue that about 20% of electric energy use in the world comes from lighting. So if LED lights can reduce that by about 85%. That is a BIG Woo Hoo for the environment too.  The savings of energy/electricity are really only a small part of the savings. Other lights produce huge amounts of heat, which generally increase air conditioning costs. It takes time and money to buy replacement bulbs, install the new and dispose of the old. The costs to a business are huge. Whereas the LED light will not be replaced in many of our lifetimes. 

LED lights now have much better light quality, and many are dim-able. 

Oh. And if you love CREE's products and services, be careful buying the stock of the company.  Even with all their patents and proprietary technologies, this is an overly competitive market. 

Very cool. 

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