Friday, July 24, 2015

Sustainability becomes a business law: Organic is more productive

Sustainability becomes a business law:

Two things resurfaced over the last couple days. One is very local to Florida related to Sustainability is the Business Law. It looks at the focus of sustainability from the business view, or from the environmental view; which is the right view. And the answer, of course, is "Yes".  Aiming for a win, win in the business vs. environment tug of war. The old approach of win-lose turns out to be a lose-lose in the long run.

But a separate study by the Rodale Institute, with a 30-year long (and ongoing) study of farming showed organic farming to be a hands-down winner over the mass production methods used in the USA. Actual link to the study is here:

That study knocked my socks off!
Now I gotta go socks shopping for new organically grown socks (bamboo-based
A 30+ year field study on Organic farming vs. non-organic (now including GMOs).
Yields up, resources down (water us and drought tolerance), soil quality, profits up…
And, of course, there is a major move in consumer preferences toward healthier foods and more local grown foods as measured by massive moves by such players as Chipotle’s (CMG) and Whole Foods (WFM)… and against the highly processed foods like McDonalds (McD).
I’m curious what other people think of this study. I wonder how they did several things.
Also, I
could not find the exact publication date. The stats were a year or two behind.
Do you all think that the field study is fully accurate?

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