Monday, June 1, 2015

Fast 10 sustainability leadership tips | GreenBiz

'Fast 10' sustainability leadership tips | GreenBiz:

There are great tips.

I really like the "building a business case" tip.  If you can't build a pretty good business case for something, then it makes a case for change that is usually hard, nearly impossible.

Getting ahead means that you can play offense, not defense.

Langert is from McDonald's so he has had his work cut out for him. When McD has tried to introduce more healthy foods, the consumer usually hasn't been buying it... they go to McDonald's for BIG Mac and fries.

McD really grew sales after the Great Recession. Until 2014, when sales slumped (same-store sales). Consumers have been going for healthier foods like Chipotle.
* Check out the healthier Corner McCafe by McDonald's.
* Is Chipotle really healthier than McDonald's?

It would be interesting to see what Langert recommended for McDonald's. Healthier fair would likely be slower fair, ... and in a few weeks, it won't be there.

That doesn't make Langert's advise any less valuable. But in some places it is a whole lot easier to go more sustainable than in others.

Makes you wonder what Hall and Knab (2012) would suggest related to how these 10 tips fit into the profile of a Sustainable Leader?

Hall, E., & Knab, E.F. (2012, July). Social irresponsibility provides opportunity for the win-win-win of Sustainable Leadership. In C. A. Lentz (Ed.), The refractive thinker: Vol. 7. Social responsibility, (pp. 197-220). Las Vegas, NV: The Refractive Thinker® Press.
(Available from, ISBN: 978-0-9840054-2-0) 
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