Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Nordic Poles Boost Artery-Disease Patients' Walking - WSJ

Nordic Poles Boost Artery-Disease Patients' Walking - WSJ:

Lots of studies show that simply getting up and about several times a week can be really, really good for you.

This is pretty cool. The use of Nordic poles significantly helped patents go longer... Okay, that's pretty obvious...

BUT it also worked the body 23% harder than normal walking.

The prob with walking (and running) is that you don't really work the upper body, so it might be aerobic but not a full-body exercise.

Pretty cool.

PLUS it can be great training for your upcoming Snow Ski adventures!

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  1. That makes alot of sense. Under the current method, strength workoutsd are, of course, separate from the treadmill or elliptical trainer. Poles would combine both to a degree providing the benefit while reducing total workout time. Now, if someone at Planet Fitness headquarters would just develop a machine that simulates...