Sunday, May 25, 2014

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I really like what they (Robert B. Rinearsay on the currency. That all seems very very
true.  The currencies in the world are
all crap. The best may be Japan and they can’t keep the Yen low enough to be a 
competitive exporter so it is wreaking havoc on their economy…

The Yankee Dollar is a piece of crap. But we are less crappy then the
Yuan or the Euro.  We are the best house
in a slum-blighted neighborhood. 

You can only have all the currencies in the world artificially low for
so long. Especially if all the effects are compounding, year over year. I
really do think that real assets, like land and gold, will slingshot into the
stratosphere sometime rather soon, say 1 to 3 years.

But the same thing that they complain about, the talking heads at CNN,
they did themselves. Go look at any of the databases, since recorded history,
on any of the measures you chose, and you will see that the global warming is
very real, and accelerating. It also 
coincides well with populations explosion and industrialization.  And it is a compounding effect. Panicking certainly doesn't make
sense, but ignoring facts and data supporting global warming means the “hoax”
is on you.

Give a look at:
(Real science and no crap, discussing the real facts and actual data about
Climate Change & Global Warming. It is very real by every measure that is
Want to know about Sustainability, look at my book ( created
from live Wikipedia links on Sustainability. The Intro is by Elmer Hall and created the
dynamic links to carefully selected Wikipedia articles (pages). The pages in
this book represent the best, most current and most accurate single source of
information related to sustainability and climate change in the world.

Sustainability. The world currencies are not!... 
Ever growing greenhouse gas emissions,  sustainable we are not.

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