Friday, January 10, 2014

The Energy Quiz | ExxonMobil

The Energy Quiz | ExxonMobil:

Try the energy Quiz from ExxonMobil:
It has 4 categories related to energy: people, sources, uses and savings. There are 5 questions in each section.

Interesting that the actual quiz lives here:
Under the advertising campaign.

I didn't do well on the quiz. And you probably won't either. I do take issue with at least one of the 5 questions in each category. I don't like how they state projections as fact. (Make sure not to over think it.)

BUT this is a very cool quiz and provides very nice information for people to think about.

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  1. This quiz suggests that China will not exceed the GDP of the US for many years. Most estimates are by the end of this decade, on or before 2020. What's the point of getting this wrong. It is hard to imagine the world's largest oil/gas company getting that wrong?
    Anything else the raises an eye-brow for you in the quiz?