Saturday, August 18, 2012

Happiness Happens Month... Diversity... Innovation..

Happiness Happens Month
This month is Happiness Happens Month.

Sponsored by the Secret Society of Happy People.

The idea is that everybody complains about stuff, but we should have a day (Aug 8) and a month (August) where people don’t complain. Nobody talks about being sick or discriminated against or …

Well, you get the picture.

BUT, don’t tell anybody, it’s a secret.

Oh, and another secret, It’s rumored that this society has partnered with the National Cannabis Day (April 20) folks, which could be a key ingredient in their perpetual happiness for an entire month each year.:-)

Maybe they’ll expand it to the entire year! HHY.

Shhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t tell anyone.

If every cause has a day, and some causes even have a month and some special causes even have a year, then when are we going to have more than and EarthDay and a Water Day?
Embrace diversity.

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