Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011: Global Population Growth and impact on the planet.

Halloween 2011. Wanna talk about something really, really scary!:-)
No, it's not Freddie. Or Fannie for that matter.
Today, it seems, we have hit 7 billion population on the plant. Of the 150+ people born per minute, some 98% are borne in developing countries. This creates challenges for the already poor countries. At least 50 of them are born in India per minute.

Bill Gates talks about energy and moving to zero carbon footprint. Not a wishful target, a necessary target. He’s aiming for 2050 to have the world at a net zero carbon footprint. He describes the “describing the need for ‘miracles’ to avoid planetary catastrophe”.
CO2 = P x S x E x C
  1. P eople (increasing rapidly!)
  2. S ervices per person (increasing rapidly!)
  3. E nergy emitted per service (stable?)
  4. C arbon intensity per unit of energy (wildcard)

Aiming for zero requires huge innovation for the next 20 years and then 20 years to deploy. Waiting for another couple decades to decide to take the issue seriously is catastrophic.
Gate’s one primary wish, if he had only one, would be this miracle breakthrough for energy.
He wants to make the solution(s) have basic economic viability so that the longer-term and less certain impacts of CO2 build up are not relevant or at least much less so.

DON'T go out tonight on fright night. Stay home and watch the world population clock: 

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