Sunday, August 21, 2011

Transportation: Humor:-) is funnier than the facts:-(

There's just a little transportation humor that you need to go with your cup of joe in the morning. (Or you McCoffee or SBUX latte on the way.)

Both of these come from Sunday, August 14, 2011. The comics, where all news worth knowing comes from:

So far, though, nothing compares to the hot reality of the 6-day traffic jam in China, one year ago to the days. This specific article anticipated the jam would go on for a few more days. Article by Coonan in The Independent on Aug 25, 2011.

This type of gridlock is the types of things that we all can look forward to in the next 15 to 30 years if we don't start to work out more alternatives to the 1-person-per-car commute that 77% of the workforce enjoys(?). That's about 9.7m single -- and I'm not talking unmarried here -- commuters each workday out practicing patience-in-defensive-driving. Twice per day.

Seems to me like telecommuting might be a potential solutions for some of these folks? Huge savings to the employee (time and money), the employer (increased productivity, retention, etc.) and massive savings to the community (reduced pollution, less oil dependence, reduced carbon footprint, fewer roads built, etc.)

And you get all that, essentially for free!
Is that idea too revolutionary and crazy,
or is it just me?


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